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Less sugar is less than 3.5 kg less fat

Both groups were subject to monitoring dietary regular, and no targets have been set for the number of calories consumed per day, or about physical activity. Nevertheless, the researchers note that the level of physical activity was quite similar between the two groups did not have any impact on the results.

The Mediterranean diet, also known as the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the best ever. It can be characterized by an abundant consumption of fruits, vegetables, grains and olive oil, and low consumption of meat and dairy products. © Visit Greece, YouTube

Less sugar is less than 3.5 kg less fat

Having saved data on weight and other risk factors for cardiovascular early in the study, the researchers called the participants at regular intervals (3, 6 and 12 months) to take action and check the ongoing maintenance the regime. http://enjoycoloring.com/ The researchers removed the data of participants who dropped out before the end of 12 months. Finally, the low fat diet was followed through by 60 participants (82%). Result similar to the low-carb diet, followed for the entire year by 59 participants (79%).

But among the remaining participants, those who avoided carbohydrates have lost 3.5 kg more on average compared to participants in the diet low in fat . The former also showed more significant decreases in their body fat index and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease . In addition, blood levels of certain lipids may indicate an increased risk of cardiovascular disease were lower for the "low carb" group.

Most curious finding of the study: reducing the waist circumference was greater among participants in fat diet during controls at 3 months and 6 months, although this difference is level at the end of the study.

Diet, restricting carbohydrates precedence over that of fat

Diet, restricting carbohydrates precedence over that of fat

A low carbohydrate diet is more effective for weight loss and prevention of cardiovascular disease, according to researchers at Tulane University, Johns Hopkins University and Kaiser Permanente.

Nutritionists are still studying the advantages and disadvantages of certain diets and eating habits, whether to lose weight quickly and safely or live longer, healthier lives.  © Anna Hoychuk / shutterstock.com

A time very popular among the Anglo-Saxons, the regime "low carb" (low carb ) has always had its critics among health professionals, especially because it can consume without looking at the long deprecated in fatty foods those trying to lose weight. http://enjoycoloring.com/ But the situation seems to be changing, especially after a recent study on the subject published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

A group of researchers set out to determine the effects of a low carbohydrate diet on the prevention of cardiovascular disease. This effects was previously unknown, as few tests, if any, have been made ​​on a group of fairly diverse participants.

For the study, the researchers worked with 148 men and women, half black and half white. All were considered obese based on their body mass index (BMI). Randomly, the researchers assigned each participant is a low carbohydrate diet (less than 40 g per day) or a low-fat diet (less than 30% of daily calories from fat).

The community of the Montreal Protocol

In this video, the UNEP notes that the Montreal Protocol has prevented a significant increase in skin cancers. According to him, two million cases are prevented each year. The hole in the ozone layer should start to decrease significantly however that within a decade. © euronews, YouTube

The report of the WMO and UNEP was accompanied by declarations of the Executive Director of UNEP, Achim Steiner: "Given some positive indications, the ozone layer is expected to recover by the middle of this century. http://enjoycoloring.com/ The Montreal Protocol - one of the treaties on the world's most efficient environment - protected the stratospheric ozone layer and prevented the intensification of ultraviolet radiation reaching the surface of the Earth.

However, the challenges we face are still enormous. The success of the Montreal Protocol should encourage further action, not only for the protection and recovery of the ozone layer, but also for the climate. On September 23, the Secretary General of the UN will host heads of state in New York in an effort to mobilize energy for the climate. The community of the Montreal Protocol, building on its concrete achievements, is strong evidence of the critical importance of cooperation and collaboration globally to protect our common heritage ".

The hole in the ozone layer disappear XXI th century

The hole in the ozone layer disappear XXI th century

Today, the Montreal Protocol has been ratified by 197 nations. We also realized that the preservation of the ozone layer is a lever on which you have to play as if we want to maintain a stable climate. © UNEP, YouTube

In counterpoint to this alarming report, WMO and the members of the United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP ) published shortly after the first complete update for 4 years from the effects of the Protocol of Montreal who had him been widely ratified in 1987 and whose implementation had not been a real problem. http://enjoycoloring.com/ Recall that this treaty was a quick government response to the discovery in 1985 of the famous "hole in the layer of ' ozone 'above the Antarctic.

All indicate it originated many emissions of chlorofluorocarbons ( CFCs ) used as gas propellant in aerosols , according to a scenario already announced in 1974 by chemists Frank Rowland and Mario Molina and also from the work of their colleague Paul Crutzen. It was necessary to reduce emissions of CFCs , including the use of substitutes, which was quickly realized.

The new report by the WMO and UNEP indicates that the shield that protects the biosphere from ultraviolet harm from the Sun is in the process of rebuilding, and everything seems to be going according to projections of the Montreal Protocol , which called for a return of ozone layer to its state before the 1980s to the 2050s horizon in Antarctica and a bit forward for latitudes lower. The hole in the ozone layer that appears every spring in Antarctica goes even persist for several decades.

Good news, the ozone layer will recover

Good news, the ozone layer will recover

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) have published a new state of the effect of the Montreal Protocol. The brainchild of nearly 300 scientists, this report is very encouraging. The recovery of the ozone layer is on track and should be complete by 2050 as originally planned.

In 1979, the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica was still no really.  But in 1987, no one could deny his presence, as shown in these false-color satellite images.  http://enjoycoloring.com/ Purple and blue indicate where the stratospheric ozone content is lowest, yellow and red where it is highest.  © NASA

There are some days, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) announced that, unfortunately, the levels of the main greenhouse gases , which are in order of decreasing importance the carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), methane (CH 4 ) and nitrous oxide, nitrogen (N 2 0), had reached new highs in 2013 The news is worrying because it confirms that humanity is on a path leading to an increase of 4 to 5 ° the average global temperature by the end of the XXI th century.

Now, it is generally agreed that beyond a 2 degree increase the stability of the climate is no longer guaranteed, which will threaten the lives of much of the population of the planet . No political global agreement seems currently able to stop the process.

A tablet on the dashboard

The manufacturer announced already that it will complete the electrical supply 'zero emission' Renault in the coming years.

Aerodynamics has been working hard on Eolab.  Active systems are involved: the variable suspension to lower (some) the car at high speed, small fins that extend to the rear wheels and even that change.  Cx is 30% better than the Clio IV.  http://enjoycoloring.com/ Moreover, the weight down to 955 kg.  © Renault

A tablet on the dashboard

Originality does not stop there. Thus Eolab panel presents the form of a multimedia display using a manipulable mechanical arm in two separate displays and the size of a smartphone . A tablet touchscreen 11-inch removable placed in the center of the dashboard, provides access to other functions: the upper part can be used to display the image of the rear view camera while the lower central part includes all orders of the multimedia system (radio, air conditioning , etc.).

In addition to the prototype, Renault has developed a concept car more emphasis on style, that visitors to the Paris Motor Show in Paris can admire from 4 to 9 October 2014 Eolab is part of a project "Vehicle 2 l / 100km for all" ( sic ) of New France Industrial Plan in 2020 This prototype should therefore serve as the basis for building a vehicle at very low consumption in 2020.

The Eolab Renault will consume only 1 liter per 100 km

The Eolab Renault will consume only 1 liter per 100 km

Just before the Paris Motor Show, to be held in Paris from October 4 to 19, Renault has a prototype thermal-electric hybrid sedan, Eolab. With its compact engine, strategies relief, good aerodynamics and even small retractable rear wings, the craft still experimental, only consume 1 l / 100 km. Peugeot, with its 208 Hybrid Air, is at 2 l / 100 km. The race is on.

The Eolab Renault is not a 100% electric vehicle, like other previous concepts.  http://enjoycoloring.com/ Its engine (3 cylinder 75 and developing c) is hybridized to a 50 kW electric motor.  © Renault

Renault has developed a prototype hybrid , called Eolab , which shows a consumption of only 1 l / 100 km, 22 g / km of emissions of CO 2 . Designed on the basis of a sedan segment B, the prototype integrates a hundred technological advances, say the manufacturer, which promise to be progressively integrated into future vehicles in the range.

Eolab combines such as light as aluminum and magnesium chassis for materials roof . Finally, this model wins 400 kg compared to a Clio for example. The spoiler and the "flaps" that unfold side part for their better penetration into the air and thus a gain in energy.

The engine, hybrid, is heat and electricity when put Peugeot on hybrid Esssence air . The new rechargeable technology ZE Hybrid says his side electric mobility on routes less than 60 km and 120 km / h.